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Caution!Horses "According to your Cloth"


"[Charlton Place] reminds me of B12... [K-Balcony] is beautiful - sounds like Detroit Escalator Company..." Duncan Kennedy (Ourtime Music)

Limited edition CDr album, Byo-Jo Recordings catalogue number BYO2, released November 2017. Hand numbered, in wrap-around paper insert.

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Track Listing:

1) Blue Mood (additional production by Danny Webb) *
2) Charlton Place
3) Jokers’ Playtime
4) Occasional Tracks #1
5) Movement is the Message
6) K-Balcony
7) Every Cloud

All tracks written & produced by Andrew Odia, except *.

All tracks completed 2016 except K-Balcony (2003), Blue Mood & Jokers’ Playtime (2004) and Charlton Place (2005).

Image: In the racks at A-Musik (Cologne)